Most popular dog names of 2013

As a dog-loving nation, Americans pride themselves in giving their pets the best treatment and are just as selective in name choice. The pet-sitting website released the most popular male and female dog names based on U.S. clients with Max and Bella topping the list. Following Max and Bella on the list were Charlie, Buddy and Jack for male dogs, and Lucy Bailey and Daisy for females. What’s interesting to note is that despite dog owners treating their dogs as family members, they don’t name them the same way. Dog names don’t overlap with baby names, however there is one that appears on top lists for both: Chloe.

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Best Places To Shop For Home Insurance

Rain Shower

Rain Shower by Lars Plougmann

Bankrate compares rates for all types of insurance and many other products and investments:

The following sites also provide comparisons:

These provide quotes directly from the companies, as well as contact information for agents in your area:

Some banks sell home insurance as well:

Keep in mind that you may be able to get significant discounts when negotiating with a live person. See 8 Tips For Better Home Insurance Rates.

Where can I learn more about ninjas?

The Art of Darkness

The Art of Darkness

Real Ultimate Power is the best ninja site on the internet:

There is no better place to start your ninja journey.

If you want to become a ninja, there are academies and classes. It is a long journey to reach true ninja-ness, however you will become disciplined and improve your physical, mental, and spiritual fitness along the way.

This wikipedia page includes information about modern ninja schools:

This link contains is a directory of ninja schools by geographic location: