Escaping The Windows 8 Default Full Screen Photo App

Windows 8 Launch by Dell Inc.

Windows 8 Launch by Dell Inc.

By now you’ve probably realized that Windows 8 does its best to make seemingly every basic task a difficult one, and viewing an image file is no different.

By default, Windows 8 is set up to open images through its full screen photo viewing app, as if we want to give up our multitasking abilities and stare at a single image as long as time lets us. For normal people’s sake, here is a quick fix to the annoying ‘feature’ Windows 8 has blessed us with.

First, go to ‘Control Panel’ in your ‘Start’ menu, and open up Programs -> Default Programs and from there, select ‘Set your default programs’.

From there, scroll down to ‘Windows Photo Viewer’ in the ‘Programs’ list on the side.
Once ‘Windows Photo Viewer’ is selected, click ‘Set this program as default’, and you’ll never have to experience Microsoft Reader again.

You can do the same for other full screen apps as well.