Best Capoeira Movies

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art “danced” to traditional berimbau music. Opponents “play” in a beautiful and deadly interaction. The art is hundreds of years old and was developed by decedents of slaves taken to Brazil. Slaves could be severely punished for learning to defend themselves, so the art developed as a dance, featuring powerful kicks and acrobatics.

  • Cordão de Ouro (1977): Set in a futuristic time period in Brazil, where Capoeira is central to the movie’s plot
  • Only the Strong (1993): First US movie to showcase Capoeira.
  • Pastinha! Uma Vida Pela Capoeira (1998): Documentary about Vicente Ferreira Pastinha aka Mestre Pastinha
  • Madame Sata (2002): Set in 1930s Rio de Janiero following a capoeirista street-fighter
  • Ginga: A capoeira documentary (2004)
  • Mestre Bimba, A Capoeira Illuminada (2005): Documentary of Mestre Pastinha
  • Maré Capoeira (2006): Short film about Capoeira
  • Capoeira: Finding a Center in the Ring (2008): Documentary about the challenges and rewards of the art
  • Besouro (The Assailant) (2009): Story of a legendary Capoeira fighter Beetle
  • Slums, Drums and Capoeira (2010): Documentary tracing Capoeira’s story from Salvador to today
  • Capoeira: Fly Away Beetle (2011): Story of three fighters in the early days after slavery

How can I save money when shopping online?


Coupons 4 by Hobbies on a Budget

No matter your background, we all love getting a better deal. Below are a couple of ways to save money online.

Amazon is a great place to check prices and get just about anything. Because of its size, it has great logistics and low shipping fees–sometimes none at all. It’s also a marketplace, meaning multiple sellers compete, which leads to better prices overall. Amazon is usually the easiest place to get new items, although used items are available as well. Amazon reviews provide a useful guide for consumers, as both an overall rating and with individual stories in those reviews.

eBay is the go-to place for used items. It’s an online auction site where you can find everything from baby socks to automobiles. Because there is a marketplace, sellers compete for your purchase, bringing down the price. On the other hand, because there are auctions, buyers compete for the product until it sells for whatever someone is willing to pay. There are some more complex models and variations but that’s pretty much it. It’s a real marketplace. Just make sure to read the description carefully and to check a seller’s ratings before making your bid.

DealOz provides a great textbook price comparison engine, comparing major bookseller prices and making previous editions easy to find. They also have links to various coupons and include shipping estimates as well.

Big Stores
Walmart, KMart, and Target have online stores as well, sometimes with very competitive pricing and shipping options.
This website offers discount codes and coupons for just about any website on and off of the net. Users rate the coupon codes, so you can very quickly know if one is worth trying.

Mailing Lists
If you like a specific store–sign up for their newsletter. Most send out special deals and coupons to bring you back in. Some send you birthday presents. There are also websites like Gilt, which offer exclusive deals on high quality items–kind of like a Groupon for nice clothes. On a similar note, Groupon itself now offers deals for specific items.

What should I look for in a personal trainer?

Personal Training

Dawn’s GetFIT Class by Robert Roche

Some people who are very into fitness have personal trainers. Whether it is for sport training, or to prepare your body for summer or a special occasion, a personal trainer has to have specific qualities to make him tolerable. You will be spending a lot of time with your trainer, so make sure he is what you want. There are some traits to look out for.


Patience is a very important quality for your trainer to have. One of the main reasons for this is because you are trusting your body in his hands. If he pushes you too much and then criticizes you for not doing well, that is not good. A personal trainer is there to motivate you, and help you get stronger and healthier– not to harass you. With patience comes success, so as the trainer takes his time with you, the more comfortable and confident you feel.

Education and certification

Another important factor a personal trainer should have is education and a proper certification. Every personal trainer has to take specific classes in both a classroom and at a gym. If your personal trainer doesn’t have the proper certification, he wont know how to properly train you and might cause harm to your body unintentionally.

Communication and respect

A personal trainer tries to build a specific friendship with his/her customer. They shouldn’t simply treat you like a regular client in an office, but rather like a friend helping and motivating you. If there is no communication and it’s just strictly business, you will not feel comfortable and therefore, not trying to reach your full potential.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Dive Off

Dive Off by Sebastion Mary

Do you want to reach your full physical potential? In a fraction of the time? There’s a program called program called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which will take half the time of your normal run, jog, or walk, and improve your health, fitness, and cardiovascular levels. With this program, you will be able to run farther, maintain your breathing and at a steadier heart rate.

What is HIIT?
HIIT trains your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, and by doing this, you are making your body push itself to new limits, while protecting your health. How it works is that you start a regular run, but then you have to burst and sprint to your maximum speed without hurting yourself. Then you return to a light jog walk, make it a 1:2 interval training. For example, sprint for 1 minute and walk/rest for 2 minutes and repeat for as many times as you feel comfortable with.

Burn More Calories
Since HIIT is designed to be a very fast pace type of workout, your body burns more calories during the sprints, but unlike with a steady pace, your body will rebuild to handle the increased sprint loads and will keep burning calories after your workout.

Get Stronger
Any exercise is healthy, but HIIT has one leg up on other cardiovascular exercises. HIIT limits muscle loss, which usually happens with the limited fat loss of steady aerobic exercises. Because of the high intensity portion, your body will rebuild itself to handle additional load. HIIT adds muscle and strength. The all-out sprints give enough stress to trigger building up, but are short enough not to cause you to go into muscle loss.

More Results In Less Time
With steady aerobic exercise, your body quickly adapts. A person who had trouble running twice around the field can usually build up to the distance within a few weeks. Afterward, the person needs to keep increasing distance to keep up the challenge. With HIIT, your body will adapt, but because the sprints are at maximum effort and are anaerobic, you will not need to significantly increase workout time.

How do I become a leader at my high school?

High School Sign by Randy Robertson

High School Sign by Randy Robertson

High school offers plenty of opportunities for leadership. They are screaming your name but they aren’t going to chase after you. The number one tip is to take on as many as you can without wearing yourself too thin. Whether its student government, clubs, or sports, take advantage of all the possibilities at hand. You will be surprised by how much help you can offer and what an impact you can make. By being proactive and trying to get involved, you are bound to find yourself in a leadership position one way or another and when you find yourself leading a project you’re passionate about, you’ll immediately start seeing additional people and ways you can help.

Start small, by joining a club like Key Club and volunteering at an event, then step up and offer to help those organizing the event. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself a good fit for a minor position and if you’re dedicated a higher one. Similarly in student government you can start small by accepting minor positions, like classroom vice president, and work your way up to a position like school vice president, and eventually president of your high school.

As you progress on your journey, it’s important to learn from your mistakes. Do not blame others for your wrong-doings, don’t blame others either. Use each mistake as a learning opportunity. When people see how you deal with mistakes and take on new situations, they realize recognize your maturity and give you additional trust and responsibility.

In addition to learning from mistakes, you need to build your confidence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re introverted or extroverted, leaders need to make decisions and take responsibility for them. You can listen to other people’s opinions and get advice, but make sure to start facing your decisions and actually making them. Because you’ve invested time earlier and got to know how things work and care about the organizations you will be able to make good decisions and because you learn from mistakes you will become better at it.

By getting involved, caring, taking action, making decisions, and learning from them, you are bound to become and grow as a leader.

History Of The Television

Console Television Receiver by ellenm1

The television has been commercially available since the late 1920s, and is considered a staple in modern households for entertainment and in the business world for advertising purposes.

The first concept of a television arrived in 1878, as television images were sketched in the form of the telephonoscope, which followed the invention of the telephone.

This idea came to life in 1881 in the pantelegraph, which used pendulum-based scanning.

The first electromechanical television system was patented in 1884 by a 23 year-old university student in Germany named Paul Gottlieb Nipkow. It incorporated the use of a scanning disk for rasterization.

This disk was later used by Scottish inventor John Logie Baird, who had succeeded in his demonstration of the transmission of moving silhouette images in 1925 in London. He was able to transmit monochromatic images a year later.

This disk was able to produce an image composed of 30 lines resolution, which was just enough to discern a human face from photographic lenses.

In the same year, Kenjiro Takayanagi was able to up Baird by being able to produce 40 lines resolution, which was the first working example of an electronic television receiver.

The oldest television station is traced back to WRGB, which was founded on January 13, 1928. The show station was broadcast from the General Electric factory, located in Schenectady, NY. The second radio station was started by General Electric’s new facility in New York City in 1928. This station was called W2XBS, which is known today as WNBC.

There was no regular programming on these stations since they were purely experimental. However, an image of a Felix the Cat doll that was rotating on a turntable was broadcast on television for two hours a day for several years, as a way to test the new technology.

The Olympic Games in August 1936 were able to be carried to television stations in Berlin, and in November 1936, BBC aired a public service announcement from the Victorian Alexandra Palace in north London.

At this time in the history of television, all broadcasting had been done in black and white. However, Mexican inventor Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena experimented with television, which led to his patent of the color television in 1940.

How do I start ballroom dancing?

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a very elegant, yet difficult sport. Ballroom dancing trains both your body and mind. Your body strength, balance, focus, reflex and coordination all comes into play in every dance. Many people that pick up ballroom dancing have a set goal planned for themselves, whether they want to be a social dancer, a professional dancer, or simply enjoy a fun hobby.

The first steps
If you are thinking of diving into ballroom dancing, the number one step is to decide your goal with this sport. Watch videos and shows such as “Dancing with the Stars”, or go to dance schools and observe. By seeing ballroom dancing in action, you can already start preparing yourself for this intense sport. Take a lesson or two before signing up for a full-time program.

Start dancing
Go open minded and don’t be mad at yourself for messing up or tripping/falling–this is perfectly normal. Many dancers obtain their sense of balance after dancing for only a few months. Next step is to get comfortable with your partner and trust one another. Without chemistry the dance will never look natural, so follow one another’s steps and keep you eye contact and posture identical to one another. The most important part is have fun by loosening up and removing all thoughts from your head. Just listen to the music and sway your body in order to compliment the beat.