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An animal bit me. What should I do?

Disinfect or hospital

If you get bitten by an animal and you are at home, disinfecting it as fast as possible is the first step. After this step either drive to your local hospital, or if incapable, call the emergency crew immediately. Animals may have many diseases and checking with medical help never hurts. The faster you cure it, the less chance you will catch the disease of the animal that has bitten you.

If you spot a stray animal near a busy road

When stopping to aid an animal near a busy road, position your car between it and traffic. After turning off the car, quietly close the door and bring with you any helpful items you might have such as a leash, treats, and a first aid kit. If the animal runs, kneel down or walk in the other direction slowly so it feels safe. It may take a bit of time for the animal to find the courage to come closer. Try to usher the animal toward a residential area, the best being in a fenced yard where you can close the gate and keep the animal in a safe space. After securing a spot to stop, call the closest animal shelter, animal control, or the police and ask for assistance.

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If you see someone abuse an animal

If you see someone abuse an animal, rather than feeling bad for it, take action. Document details: write down a license plate number and vehicle descriptions, take pictures, and jot down in detail what you saw. If you can, get a video and even witnesses. Then call your local animal shelter, animal control, SPCA or the police immediately and give them the information. If you do not receive a quick response, get PETA. You can also refer to your local magistrate or police commissioner to file a formal complaint. 

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