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How To Buy A Good Present

Presents! by Wendy

Presents! by Wendy

There’s no better way to show your appreciation for someone than by giving them a gift on a special day. Whether that occasion is a birthday, wedding, or national holiday like Christmas, it’s important to find out how to give a gift for any ¬†event.


Giving someone a gift on their birthday is a standard tradition. If you’re invited to an event, it’s only polite to gift the birthday celebrant with something, even if it is not that extravagant. A great birthday present for someone you do not know very well, like a coworker or acquaintance or friend of a friend, is a food or beverage gift. If you’re attending a party, bringing a dish, baked good, or wine (soda or juice for the youngsters!) to a party would be very appreciated. An alternative present would be something small, like a card or a candy bar.

When it comes to celebrating birthdays of your friends or family, ask them what they want to be gifted with. If they give you an exact answer, try your best to gift them with that present because you know it is exactly what they want. If the gift is too expensive or hard to obtain, gift them with the closest thing you can find. If you’re not sure what to get for the celebrant, gift them with a gift card to their favorite store or with a birthday party. Flowers make great gifts too!


If you’re invited to someone’s wedding, it’s only polite to give the newlyweds a gift. The happy couple will usually inform guests of what stores they are registered at. At those stores, you can approach the front desk and tell them that someone you know is registered there. They can print out a list for you of gifts found in the store that the couple said they would be happy receiving. This is the easiest and most fool-proof way to buy a gift for a wedding.

If the couple does not have a gift registry available, buy home goods for them. Think silverware, kitchen supplies, bathroom toiletries, or tasteful decorations. If you know the couple well enough, feel free to buy them a unique gift you think they will like. Although it is appropriate to give a gift to a couple within the first year they are married, try to give them a gift within the first two months of their marriage.


For an occasion like graduation, think of what would be most beneficial to the celebrant. If a child is graduating elementary school, a card or candy bar would suffice as an appropriate graduation present. For middle school graduations, a small amount of money would be an appropriate present. For high school graduations, think of buying the celebrant something they will find useful on their path towards the start of college. This may be a gift card, college memorabilia, school or dorm supplies, or electronic accessories. Parents will find that giving their high school graduate a laptop is the most appreciated and useful gift.

Adults graduating from college and graduate school deserve a greater present for all of their hard work. Gifting a college graduate with a decent sized check–it will help them with any bills or student loans they’ve accumulated throughout college. I think we can all agree when we say that the best present for a college graduate would be a full-time job!