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What should I look for in a personal trainer?

Personal Training

Dawn’s GetFIT Class by Robert Roche

Some people who are very into fitness have personal trainers. Whether it is for sport training, or to prepare your body for summer or a special occasion, a personal trainer has to have specific qualities to make him tolerable. You will be spending a lot of time with your trainer, so make sure he is what you want. There are some traits to look out for.


Patience is a very important quality for your trainer to have. One of the main reasons for this is because you are trusting your body in his hands. If he pushes you too much and then criticizes you for not doing well, that is not good. A personal trainer is there to motivate you, and help you get stronger and healthier– not to harass you. With patience comes success, so as the trainer takes his time with you, the more comfortable and confident you feel.

Education and certification

Another important factor a personal trainer should have is education and a proper certification. Every personal trainer has to take specific classes in both a classroom and at a gym. If your personal trainer doesn’t have the proper certification, he wont know how to properly train you and might cause harm to your body unintentionally.

Communication and respect

A personal trainer tries to build a specific friendship with his/her customer. They shouldn’t simply treat you like a regular client in an office, but rather like a friend helping and motivating you. If there is no communication and it’s just strictly business, you will not feel comfortable and therefore, not trying to reach your full potential.