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What should I do if I’m being followed?

perspective by Flavia

perspective by Flavia

Followed on Foot
If you are being followed and you fear of getting attacked, get in to a public place if there is one near you. If not contact the police immediately. If you have already attacked by this person then scream for help so others around will be aware of the current situation.

Followed on vehicle
In the case that you are being followed and you are in a vehicle, do not drive to your home. The person that is following you clearly wants something from you and taking them to your home may cause further harm in the future for you. While driving call the police immediately so no further harm proceeds. If in US/Canada call 9-1-1 if in Europe call 1-1-2, if in Mexico call 0-6-6.

How do I contact the police in Mexico?

La policia, Juarez, Mexico by Scazon

La policia, Juarez, Mexico by Scazon

EMERGENCY NUMBER: 066, 065, 068.

Whether you are on vacation or a new resident in Mexico, the first thing you need to know is the local police number. In Mexico the emergency contact numbers are 066, 065, or 068. 066 is the most commonly used emergency number. If you happen to use 911 in these areas, this may also work and be redirected to the local emergency contact.

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What should I do if someone is missing?

Lost Children Sign by Will Flavell

Lost Children Sign by Will Flavell

Do not panic
First of all, try not to panic–the more you panic, the more you lose focus on your mission to find the lost person.

Contact their loved ones
You want to contact all of the people they have contact on a daily basis and find out if they know where this person is. Contact parents, significant others, close friends,  and family. Tell all of them to contact you if they find out where the missing person is.

Submit a person missing to the police
Inform the police of all the information about the missing person: height, age, illnesses, gender, clothes on, date of birth,  hair color, eye color, any distinguishing features (piercings, tattoos, etc.). It will help to provide them with a recent photo of the missing person.

Use the Internet
Share the information and a photo of the person online via a social media website such as: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace.

Put posters and flyers up of the missing person with all the information about them, their disappearance, and their appearance. Include a photo.

Do not give up
Do not stop the search until you are certain that the person is completely gone. Hopefully all goes well and your loved one is found.

When can I contact the police?

Emergency Call Box

Emergency Call Box by Adrian Nier


You can call the police at any time of the day. Police emergency networks work around the clock.

If you find yourself in a situation that needs the support of the police, fire, or ambulance services, never hesitate to call 9-1-1 US/CA (1-1-2 UK).

If you ever see suspicious activity or see someone’s life, health, or property in danger you should call the police.

Who do I contact in an emergency situation?

Chicago Police

Chicago Police by Michael Gil

It really depends on the situation. A general guideline is to contact (1) nearby help, (2) the authority, and (3) family members/friends in that order.

Scary example:
If someone is threatening you in the middle of the street:
1. Move toward a more public area, so that others can see/help. If the person attacks, as you run/defend yourself, scream at the top of your lungs and single out someone in the crowd so he/she intervenes and helps you or get police/or gets others to help.
2. Once situation permits, you contact the police or paramedics.
3. Contact loved ones to let them know what happened and see if they can help and offer support.

Alternative example:
Your wallet disappears in another country:
1. Ask the people around you if they might have it or saw where you may have left it.
2a. Contact the police or embassy (if you need a passport/additional support).
2b. Contact your bank to make sure your accounts are blocked from unauthorized activity.
3. Contact loved ones/friends if you need additional help and the worry that this will cause them is worth you spreading the news (for example, if you share a credit card with your partner to let him or her know that you froze the account).

Final example:
You’re at a store and a lost kid runs up to you, crying and asking for his mom:
1./2. Come up to a store employee and ask them to call for the parent over the loudspeaker or to get other staff to help find them
3. Wait for parents to arrive.