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Top 5 Cutest Pets… Until

1. Kittens… until they start bringing home dead birds and squirrels
2. Puppies… until the destroy your favorite pair of shoes and leave you a surprise in your slippers
3. Goldfish… until you have to explain why they’re floating belly up to a little kid
4. Bunnies… until they poop all over your carpet
5. Alpacas… forever… they’re always cute… just not as pets

Suri Alpacas

Suri Alpacas by Sizzlingbadger

Most popular dog names of 2013

As a dog-loving nation, Americans pride themselves in giving their pets the best treatment and are just as selective in name choice. The pet-sitting website Rover.com released the most popular male and female dog names based on U.S. clients with Max and Bella topping the list. Following Max and Bella on the list were Charlie, Buddy and Jack for male dogs, and Lucy Bailey and Daisy for females. What’s interesting to note is that despite dog owners treating their dogs as family members, they don’t name them the same way. Dog names don’t overlap with baby names, however there is one that appears on top lists for both: Chloe.

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