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7 ways to refresh and update your bathroom on a budget

Looking for the inexpensive and environmentally-friendly solutions to freshen up and update your bathroom? We’ve put together a few tips to get you through the process:

  1. Have a clear vision. This is crucial as it’s easy to become sidetracked while shopping for new things. Gather inspiration photos and make a list of changes you want to incorporate. Choose one theme and stick with it.
  2. Details: ornate paneling and modeling. An easy way is to make a quick switch. Swap out your mirror for one with a detailed frame to add modern style. As a focal point in the bathroom, don’t hesitate to go all out on this one. Continue reading

DIY canopy bed

There’s something particularly dreamy about canopy beds—just something about the way even a barely there awning provides a sense of lavishness and extra protection, the way the fabric wraps around the bed that provides a sense of romance and sensuality that brings many to procure this feature in their bedrooms. As buying a new bedframe can be a hassle (and costly), here are inspirational DIY canopy beds as well as instructions on how to make your own.


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