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How can I lift more weight?

99, 100, 101: Lifting weights in the hangar bay by Official US Navy Page

99, 100, 101: Lifting weights in the hangar bay by Official US Navy Page

Lifting weight is no easy task. Everyone wants to be strong, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional lifter. The number one goal of any lifter is to be healthy, lift appropriate weights, and to not over do it. Many people have tried too hard and pushed their bodies past a limit, resulting in consequences of injuries and torn muscles. With these several steps provided below, you will get the most out of your body without exhausting it, and keep  your heart and body healthy.

Just like with any exercise, your body needs to warm up. Your muscles are still fresh so they need to be warmed up with some small weight. With small weights, do some exercises you are going to do in the near future. Depending on what muscles you are working on, always take a smaller weight before going to the big ones. Remember the more repetitions you do with lighter weight, the faster it will be for you to become stronger. This will result in the ability to increase your weight gradually. Another important step before you start your workout is to not eat 30 minutes before, so your body won’t get cramps.

Weight training
Now that your body is ready and all warmed up, take a weight which you feel comfortable with, and make sure it isn’t too light for you but also not too heave. I usually check by seeing if I can do 10 curls and really feel it in my muscles. Always split up your exercises by days. For example on Monday: biceps, on Tuesday: legs and back, Wednesday: triceps and chest, Thursday: shoulder and forearms, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: rest. With these split days, your muscle groups get the proper rest in order to grow with time. When you lift, you want to constantly increase the weight by small increment such as 25, 30, 35lbs and then back to 25lbs. The reason you do this is because it’s like a latter effect for your muscles–you go up and stress your muscles a little, then you return to the lowest to give it that last push.

Proper finish
Now that you feel your muscles working, they will probably look big and feel big, meaning it’s time for you to cool down. Do a 10 minute stretch of all the muscles you feel are stiff. This will help you in the future to not feel too sore and have a quick muscle recovery. After you cool down, take a nice shower and enjoy a meal with a lot of protein. Add meat to as many meals as you can in order to help your muscles build mas,  resulting in strength to continue building.

How do I train to run as a beginner?

RUN Hills Pullover in action! lululemon athletica

RUN Hills Pullover in action! lululemon athletica

Before you start on your path on becoming a successful long distance runner, you will need to follow some simple steps. First off, eat carbohydrates in proportion, but don’t make yourself very full; just enough to satisfy your body. Remember your body can be compared to a car: the more fuel you put into your body, the longer you will last. Secondly, make sure to stretch for at least 10 minutes prior to your run. Thirdly, bring at least one water bottle with you. Lastly, get motivated and prepare to clear your mind of everything but the road ahead of you.

During the Run
Once you have already started your run, you want to keep a light jogging pace since you are still a beginner. If you feel cramps or have a hard time breathing, stop and walk a normal pace in order to catch your breath and even your heart rate out. The second you feel thirsty slow down a little and take small sips of water–don’t simply jug the water bottle. The reason why long runs are difficult is because you are constantly going at a monotone rate and are focusing your attention on already finishing, rather than simply enjoying your run. What helps to keep you motivated and running is fast pace music, such as dance, techno ,electro, pop and rap. Start off running for 30 minutes and  then once you feel you can add time, add by small increments, and results will show quickly.

After your run
First pat yourself on the back for completing the run. Whether this is your first run or your tenth, you always have to give yourself credit that you got out of your house and went to exercise. Don’t stop and never give up. If you set a routine, it will be a ritual for your body. Make sure to eat a healthy full-sized meal after your run such as lean chicken and steamed vegetabls. Your body just burned a lot of calories so refueling your body is mandatory. Now for one of the most important parts of your run: stretch for 10 minutes like you did in the beginning of the run because this will allow your muscles to release all the muscles that are tense so you wont feel as sore in the future.

What should I look for in a personal trainer?

Personal Training

Dawn’s GetFIT Class by Robert Roche

Some people who are very into fitness have personal trainers. Whether it is for sport training, or to prepare your body for summer or a special occasion, a personal trainer has to have specific qualities to make him tolerable. You will be spending a lot of time with your trainer, so make sure he is what you want. There are some traits to look out for.


Patience is a very important quality for your trainer to have. One of the main reasons for this is because you are trusting your body in his hands. If he pushes you too much and then criticizes you for not doing well, that is not good. A personal trainer is there to motivate you, and help you get stronger and healthier– not to harass you. With patience comes success, so as the trainer takes his time with you, the more comfortable and confident you feel.

Education and certification

Another important factor a personal trainer should have is education and a proper certification. Every personal trainer has to take specific classes in both a classroom and at a gym. If your personal trainer doesn’t have the proper certification, he wont know how to properly train you and might cause harm to your body unintentionally.

Communication and respect

A personal trainer tries to build a specific friendship with his/her customer. They shouldn’t simply treat you like a regular client in an office, but rather like a friend helping and motivating you. If there is no communication and it’s just strictly business, you will not feel comfortable and therefore, not trying to reach your full potential.