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How do I work through my busy schedule?

Aimee's "HoneyDo" List by mccready

Aimee’s “HoneyDo” List by mccready

In this day and age, the modern adult is swamped with tasks in the form of work and errands. It may be hard to remember things, or to balance out your schedule in a healthy way.

Here are some tips to help you work through your busy schedule to make sure that you get all that you need done for the day.

Make lists

Create a list of things you need to do and put it in your phone, on the fridge, by your bedside, or any other place where you’ll need to see it in order to reference it. If you’re going about your day and you receive or remember a new task, write it down immediately so that you don’t forget. As you go through the list, cross things off as you complete them, or make important notes next to the tasks that need them. Update your to-do list as often as you can. When you cross off everything off your to-do list, think about if there are any new tasks you need to accomplish.

Use a calendar

We have calendars hanging on our walls and implemented in our phones, so let’s use them! For the calendars hanging on your wall, scribble in events and include the time and location. If you have something due, put a note on the due date and keep a reminder handy. For calendars in your phone, input any important dates. Phones have the ability to remind you of any important events by setting off an alarm. This alarm is super handy for appointments or due dates.

Don’t pack your schedule too tightly

When you look at your schedule and calendar, do not try to fit so many things into one day, week, or month! You don’t want to overwork yourself to the point where you need to be in two places at once. If you’re scheduling two things back-to-back, make sure there is adequate time between the events to account for travel time. If you’re late for one appointment, you’ll most likely be late to the next one you have booked after that. Keep time in mind when creating your schedule, and leave time to give yourself a breather.

How do I concentrate on my work?

Day 139 - Work! by Phil and Pam Gradwell (to be)

Day 139 – Work! by Phil and Pam Gradwell (to be)

Whether you’re a college student or a working adult, it’s hard to stay focused sometimes, especially when you’ve got a lot long hours or a lot of work on your plate.

However, it’s important to be productive in the office, because that’s what you were hired to do! When you excel in your work, your superiors definitely notice and appreciate it.

Here are some tips to keep you focused when you’ve got work to do. Remember: the more productive you are, the more work you can finish in time!

Organize and prioritize your work

If you’ve got a bunch of assignments you need to complete, organize them in a way that prioritizes the most important of those assignments, by due date and importance. Set aside other assignments and try not to juggle multiple tasks at the same time, unless you’ve been asked to do so by your superior. Taking on too many assignments at one time can stress you out and drive you to find ways to relax–aka, lose concentration and focus on what you’re supposed to do.

Choose a comfortable (but not too comfortable!) spot to work in

When you get settled into work mode, choose a spot and position that would be comfortable for you to work in. The best spot is in a chair at a desk in a quiet room with minimal distractions. Sit up straight with your feet on the ground to maintain a good, working posture. If your assignment is to read material, feel free to sit a little more informally. However, do NOT under any circumstances lay down to read! You may get too comfortable and end up getting extremely distracted. Students who don’t have a desk opt to work on their bed, and find that it is actually too comfortable to do any work. If this is the case, head to the library–the formal setting will pressure you to work and stay focused, and also motivate you to work hard so that you can go home sooner.

Listen to your body

If you’re working hard and all of a sudden your stomach starts grumbling, don’t ignore it. Being hungry and choosing not to eat as a means to focus on your work will not help you concentrate on your tasks. Take a mini break and eat a snack, and then get straight back to work. If you’re feeling sleepy or tired when you’re working, get up and walk around the office, or take a short walk outside. Ignoring your fatigue will cause you to lose focus from work.

Life Hacks to Leverage Your Work and Industry Expertise Into Savvy Stock Investments

You may not be Warren Buffett, but what’s stopping you from making a few savvy stock market investments in your own field of expertise? Read more about these finance life hacks that will help you get started with stock market investments related to your work. 

If you don’t know anything about stock market trading and other such markets for investors, then it’s understandable that you don’t want to get involved in what could end up as a mess. But you should also know that investing is more of a science these days aided by all kinds of tools and analysis methods that leave very little room for chance.

There are basically two types of analysis – fundamental and technical. The latter is where you make use of historical and real-time data and plot the charts and study the short-term trends and moving averages in order to decide which way the stock is going to move and up to what level before it hits resistance or support.

Fundamental analysis is where you look at the big picture of the economy, the market, the company’s finances and business model and the growth possibilities in that business sector. If everything looks good and primed to grow and generate more revenues and earnings, then the stock should be worth buying. Sounds simple, but for this to work you need to know about the industry in question and the company in particular.

Stock market investors therefore spend a lot of time studying companies and business sectors. You, on the other hand, are already an expert regarding the industry and company you work for. Use that knowledge to good effect and become an investor in your own company if you think it’s fundamentals are sound and it is primed to grow. 

On the other hand, you may know that your employer is on shaky ground and the future doesn’t seem all that bright. In this case, you could actually invest in a competitor who is doing a lot better. Either way, the idea here is to leverage your insider status to take a position that is a sure thing while at the same time teaching you how to invest.

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