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Desk for two

An organizational space for work or just to pay the bills is always a necessity in any home. Unfortunately, there is not always enough space for individuals to have separate desks. Transforming a desk and a bookcase, this arrangement allows for two people to have their own unique spaces with some degree of privacy and room for storage and personalization in a quaint but respectable co-working space. Continue reading

7 Simple DIY Headboards

As your personal sanctuary to lay your head, your bed should be a place of tranquility. At the same time, it is a very intimate space, and thus should radiate with your personal flair. Achieving this balance of comfort and aesthetic, though may be difficult in stores with exact design and budgets, is easily attained by creating your own headboard. Here are a few ideas that are as craft and fulfilling as they are easy. No sawing required. Continue reading

Bedroom makeover: 8 ways

Reviving a bedroom can be done on a dime with just a few new changes in budget-friendly furniture and décor.

1. Bedtime Bliss

As the absolute focal point of a bedroom, your bed can change the entire atmosphere of your sleeping space, so style is key. Bold, colorful prints can add zest and energy to a room, while muted neutral tones offer a more zen-like feel. Create an extra cozy impression with intricate monochrome textures and layering with decorative pillows, quilts and throws.

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Cleaning cable clutter

In frustration of my power strip constantly falling off my desk, I began the hunt for a DIY solution to not only keep it in place and hide the cords, but to find a crafty way to incorporate design, and without having to buy anything new. In my search I discovered a few clever and charming options:


Photo: Violet Ashes

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How to Write an Effective To-Do List

To-do lists are extremely useful – they allow you to be more organized and prevent you from forgetting about important tasks. Not to mention the sheer satisfaction of crossing things off and noticing how the list gets smaller and smaller as time goes by. Also, by using a to-do list you will be able to keep track of everything you have accomplished and you will be prouder of yourself at the end of the day.

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